Infant program:

Parent/child program: While it may look like fun and games, we use songs/games to enhance our students learning. All exercises in our parent/child program have a purpose and are preparing your infant for their aquatic educational journey. 

Not only are you providing your baby with a skill that could save their lives you are providing yourself an amazing bonding experience.

  • Starfish (3-9mths): No experience necessary, we will empower you with the skills to give your baby confidence and skills. We will develop the children’s cue words and encourage children’s pleasure of water. Via a focus on water conditioning your child, we will work on submersion skills with you to ensure children submerge correctly while maintain their breath control. 
  • Jellyfish (10-24mths): Working on mobility, with the use of the verbal cues we start encouraging the children to experience the water via some independent mobility. 
  • Flying fish (1-2yrs; Advanced): This class builds on the foundations created in the previous classes. A strong enfaces on our cue words and independent skills.
  • Angelfish (2-4  years): Continually works on the child’s confidence and mobility in the water. Promoting independent skills.

Independent swimmers:

  • Minnow (2-3 years, no parent): This class is only offered to children who have been part of our parent/child program. With 3 children in the water with the instructor, children learn to swim without parent assistance. Children swim using their Kick n Paddle, they are also introduced to kick boards.
  • Penguin: Penguins are our beginner swimmers, we work on having the child comfortable in the water with the aim of them swimming 5 – 7 meters on their own and floating with assistance. This level is about them being able to get themselves to a safe exit point.
  • Crocodile: Students learn to use their arms in the correct fashion, both front and back. 
  • Frog: Our Frogs are really starting to put their strokes together and are swimming comfortably over the required distance, amongst other things our Frogs are introduced to bilateral breathing.
  • Dolphin: Our Dolphins are looking the goods! With Freestyle inclusive of bilateral breathing they are moving onto developing and fine tuning their survival backstroke, Breaststroke and Sidestroke kicks. They can also tow a friend to safety.
  • Shark: Shark by name, shark by nature. Our shark students are looking very sleek, and cruising up and down the pool, while learning to Butterfly. At the completion of this level they will be able to swim 50m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke, 50 Breaststroke, 50m Butterfly, 25m Sidestroke and 25m Survival stroke.


Our adult learn to swim is cater to the learners needs. 

Survival: Vital water safety/survival skills are included in our regular lessons. Both students and parent will learn what it feels like to be in the water fully clothed, as well as survival skills students will learn to swim in Personal Flotation devices and how to perform rescues in a safe an effective manner.